Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy moments

2016 has been a great start for me. Everything seems well and way too perfect that I can imagine. I am really happy. Happy that I have more time with my family, happy to have a wonderful boyfriend, happy that there are friends around who stayed and be there for me when I am down. There's nothing more I can for.

I would like to share some happy moments here:

Annual CNY gathering with JGT and their mah-jong session:
Last stop with the gang. HUAT AH! #throwback #chuer #cny #chinesenewyear #huat #jgt #wefie #twist #annual #gathering
DIY Valentines Day photo album for boyfriend:

Combined birthday celebration with Angus, the lil monster:
Indeed our happy pill. #happypill #aquarius #happybirthday #throwback #camwhore #twist

Attending company event @ Edge, Pan Pacific together as a pair:
Company lunch on our Saturdate:) #saturdate #saturday #companylunch #edgebuffet #panpacifichotel

Celebrating Father's birthday on CNY eve with our baby, Ah Boy:
Dad's birthday. 爸爸的生日。Ahboy is smiling as if he is the star of the day. LOL.

#happybirthday #throwback #teofamily #celebration #birthday #maltese #doggie #love #ahboy

Boyfriend pampering me with all the good stuff:
Spending our Saturday night with crabbies! Thanks darling for sharing😘 I LOVE CRABS! #nofilter #saturdate #homecook #alaska #crab #foodie #yummy #firstexperience

Thanks darling. #happymonthsary #mbs #gucci #couple #controllato #love #luxury #selflesslove #bless #appreciate #fashion #myfirstgucci #happy

What else can I as for. I feel so bless right now. Looking forward to our Anniversary trip to Melbourne in September.

Birthday Celebration 2016

Had my birthday celebration in January
(Sorry I know it has been awhile, but still would like to post it on my personal space as memory).

Boyfriend booked a suite for me at W Hotel Singapore. I really love the surprise and my birthday was well spent with family and friends.

Part One
Day 1: Went Sea Aquarium & Wax Museum with my family
Family Day @ Sentosa #family #love #sentosa #20012016 #staycation #sentosacove

Is a simple day and everyone is happy! It has been a really long while since our family outing. Appreciate that everyone makes the effort to be free on this day and make it possible.

Day 2: Chillax friends day
Waking up with a breathtaking view. #whotel #yacht #sentosacove #sentosa #relax #chill #love

Thanks for dropping by. #wefie #selfie #sentosacove #sentosa #girlfriends #birthday

Thanks for coming guys.! Hope is a memorable experience for all of you too.

Last but not least... I would like to thank my boyfriend for making all this possible. Thank you for all the surprises and 'backstage' planning, making my birthday for year 2016 such a memorable experience. ILY.
Thanks darling for making my 25th birthday memorable experience. Love you 😘 #birthday #210116 #sentosacove #sentosa #quayside #quaysideisle #happy #appreciate #selfie #yacht #whotel

Part Two: Birthday Treat from JGT @ Sparkling Imperial High Tea

I cant deny that the scenery is awesome.

Part Three: Treat from Jovi and Qide
No photos of us taken on that day. They are two of the longest friend I have since Secondary school. The ones that stood by my side all along, bitching and laughing at our own joke. Even though we have been busy with our own life but we never fail to meet up for dinner on each other's birthday. I really appreciate them for their effort:) Love you guys ♥

&&&not forgetting this pretty cupcakes from Qide!
Thanks @qide for the lovely cupcakes. I love it😘 #cupcakes #yummy #foodie #instafood #foodporn #happybirthday

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Year 2016

Happy New Year to all:)

Some one once told me:
"As you aged, you will have lesser friends but these friends are the ones that truly know you inside out."

I didn't believe till when it really happened.

Disappointed because I chose to side them, finding all sort of excuses to believe that they aren't what others have said. When either one get bullied, I can't rest my ass there doing nothing. But in the end whatever I did was not appreciated and maybe even seen as 'kpo'.

Unjustified on rumour spread to others. I thought friends will be honest with each other be it good or bad comments. But instead, this is what I got... Maybe the base of the friendship is not as strong as I thought.

Oh well. Life goes on...

I have learnt not to trust or believe someone even if you have know more than half your age. How you treat others may not be how others want to treat you.

If they don't bother, then why should I?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Slim Couture Review

I am very sceptical when it comes to beauty salon claiming that they are able to help customers on this and that online. The next thing you know, they will ask you to add money for this and that when you are there, yet we did not quite get the result as we expected or at least what they claimed to achieve. I believe many of us have such experience to rant about. That's when reviews and doing your research before your purchase are important.

For those who knows me, I am obsess with anything that relates to beauty. (Which girl doesn't want to be beautiful right? hehe). Basically from hair to face to body to nail to whatever you can think off. Recently have been putting on some weight that previously I have shed (Arghhh... NOOOOOO!!..) Is so annoying to see all the love handles, spare tyre and pig trotters bloating like a balloon and as if I am exploding any time if I don't do something about it. That's when I decided to go on diet and Google for more alternatives to assist me to achieve a better result sooner but in a safe way.

After much research, I decided to try out the treatments from Slim Couture.
I have read a lot of good reviews and from bloggers. The result is amazing and unbelievable. When I was there for consultation, TBH I am still quite sceptical and is ready to reject any hard selling package. To my surprise, they not only didn't hard sell but helped me to work something out from my budget. The staff makes me feel really comfortable and encouraged. My treatments are schedule every Wednesday and Sunday per week and only after 8 session is known as a complete cycle for treatment. I have sign up for 24 sessions and done my first session on 10th Oct 2015 (Saturday). I cant wait to see the result and I will update in here after the package that I am having which will last me till end of December 2015.

There is a suggested diet plan that I have to follow.
Breakfast (choose either one below):
- 2 slices of plain wholemeal bread (no spread)
- 2 egg whites
- Fruits - Papaya, Dragon fruit

Consume cherry tomatoes 1-2hours after breakfast.

Lunch (choose either one below):
- Yong Tau Foo (no processed food, cannot drink the soup)
- Fish Soup (cannot drink the soup)
- Green vegetables, mushrooms, chicken (without skin), fish (no salmon, eel and codfish)
- Fruits - Papaya, Dragon fruit, Kiwi, Strawberries (either 2)

Consume cherry tomatoes 1-2hours after lunch.

Dinner (choose either one below):
- Green vegetables, mushrooms, salad
- Fruits - Papaya, Dragon fruit, Kiwi, Strawberries (either 2)

Here is the list of 'NO' food to avoid during this period:
01) NO one seeded fruit (eg durian, mango, lychee, logan, etc)
02) NO soup
03) NO fruit juice
04) NO codfish, salmon, eel
05) NO seafood
06) NO fried food
07) NO red meat (eg beef, pork)
08) NO egg yolk
09) NO carbohydrates (eg rice, pasta, mee, potato)
10) NO carbonated drinks
11) NO alcohol
12) NO supplements (unless for medical reason)
13) NO hardcore exercise
14) NO greentea, milo, coffee, hot chocolate
15) NO chocolates, sweets, pastries
16) NO nuts (eg almond, pistachios)
17) NO sesame seeds
18) NO dairy product (eg milk, yogurt, cheese)
19) NO oatmeal
20) NO herbal tea
21) NO sambal chilli
22) NO mock meat
List goes on. Just have to check with them if I am unsure of some food.

Things to take note:
1) No sauce except balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
2) Garlic, onion, ginger, fresh chilli is fine for cooking.
3) I should feel 70%-80% full for every meal
4) Hydrate with lots of water. Min 2L (I am taking at least 4L. It varies from individual)
5) Target at least 1 box of cherry tomato each day. To be consume as snacks. (TBH I feel nauseous after 2 weeks)
6) Sleep early and rest when your body tells you
7) Refrain frim caffeinated drink. (need to drink another 4cups of water to replenish the body)

It's going to be a hard journey. But thinking about the future for my kids. I have to endure to have a good body internally and externally (is of course for my own eyes to see). I cant wait to see the result after 24 sessions..

*Measurements taken from each session will be shown soon:) Stay tune...!

(Updated on 2nd Nov 2015)

Left Arm (cm)
Right Arm (cm)
Left Thigh (cm)
Right Thigh (cm)
Tummy Fat Level
Weight Loss (kg)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Australia Trip + Friend's Wedding

Hello I am back blogging. Past few months have been really busy travelling and eating non-stop like a pig. hehe...

Before that just a random post to intro the new member of our Teo Family.

I adopted a dog! His name is Ah Boy. So cute of him right? Awww

Anyway back to the topic.
Finally after 10years and I am back to Australia (my favourite country for now:p). This time we went to Gold Cost, Queensland and drove our way up to Brisbane. I shall let the photos speak..






That pretty sum up our vacation.

26th September 2015
Michelle and Kevin 's Wedding

May them have a blissful marriage.